Insulin Pump

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Why an Insulin Pump?

Pump therapy is simple. It’s based on what your body does naturally – deliver small amounts of insulin all the time – and then when you eat, you deliver a little extra to cover that food (whether a single cookie or Thanksgiving Dinner!)

Here’s why pumps can be better than injections

No. 1: The Pump Uses Fast-Acting Insulin

If you’re on injections, long-acting insulin is usually what you’ll give yourself first thing in the morning. Absorption of injected long-acting insulin is not always consistent.  It has a variability of up to 52%.1 This is a key reason your blood sugar may vary so much from one day to the next.

Pumps use fast-acting insulin which is much more predictable than long-acting insulin. It’s variability is less than 3%.1 Quite a difference.  That’s why a pancreas only puts out fast-acting insulin. That’s why pumps use fast-acting insulin.

No. 2: The Pump Delivers Insulin in micro-drops, that are continuous and accurate.

Pumps continuously send a little bit of insulin every few minutes (like a pancreas) so you don’t have this inconsistency problem. And it’s a different insulin – fast-acting, predictable insulin.

No. 3: You can eat when you want.

Because you can control your insulin on a pump, YOU (not your injections) get to decide when you want to eat. You can eat when you are hungry – or not – delay or skip a meal. Have that extra piece of pie if you like – on a pump you can handle it – no problem.

No. 4: Live a more normal life

No more injections, no rigid meal scheduling, no more unpredictable insulin… this all adds up to is a more normal life.

Not everyone is a candidate for the insulin pump, but if you would like to find out more, please call 603-770-4856 or 1-888-444-1204.

Choice Center for Diabetes accepts most insurance with MD referral.  Please call your doctor’s office to request referral.