Gestational Diabetes


Screening for and Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes

Women at very high risk for Gestational Diabetes should be screened for diabetes as soon as possible after the confirmation of pregnancy.  Criteria for high risk are:

  • Severe obesity
  • Prior history of Gestational Diabetes or delivery of large-for-gestational-age infant
  • Presence of glycosuria
  • Diagnosis of PCOS
  • Strong family history of Type 2 diabetes

Screening/diagnosis at this state of pregnancy should use standard diagnostic testing.  All women of greater than low risk of GDM, including those above not found to have diabetes in early pregnancy should undergo GDM testing at 24-28 weeks of gestation.

Low risk status, which does not require GDM screening, is defined as women with ALL of the following characteristics:

  • Age <25 years
  • Weight normal before pregnancy
  • Member of an ethnic group with a low prevalence of diabetes
  • No known diabetes in the first-degree relatives
  • No history of abnormal glucose tolerance
  • No history of poor obstetrical outcome                                

Any woman who is diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes should arrange to have a consult with a Diabetes Educator which may include the following:

  • carbohydrate counting for gestational diabetes
  • blood sugar monitoring
  • instruction on blood sugar guidelines
  • keeping a blood sugar and food diary log
  • and if appropriate insulin as determined by the MD

Please call 603-770-4856 OR 1-888-444-1204 for questions.