Diabetes Type 2


Diabetes Type 2 is when the pancreas is producing insulin, but the amount is not adequate, or the insulin is not effective in lowering blood glucose because the cells are resistant.  Being overweight plays a role in many cases.

With insulin resistance, the pancreas produces more insulin than usual, but the cells are unable to use the insulin because there are fewer receptors.

Diabetes Type 2 onset is possible at any age, but type 2 is more commonly diagnosed after age 30.

The treatment for Type 2 Diabetes is done in phases or stages; nutrition therapy and exercise, and oral medications and/or insulin.

It can take up to ONE year to see better blood sugar control, once a person starts exercising and changing their diet/lifestyle.  No wonder so many people get discouraged after a few weeks.   The good news though …is that it does work if you hang in there!


I am a firm believer that people with Diabetes can make a huge difference in their own outcome!  I have seen people reduce or eliminate many of their medications once they have reduced their total daily carbohydrate intake, started exercising and lost weight.  You can prevent or delay complications from Diabetes Type 2!


As a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and Registered Dietitian I provide both individual and group programs for people with Diabetes Type 2.  I accept most insurance with MD referral.  Please call 1-888-444-1204 or 603-770-4856 in Maine & NH for questions.